Balance cushion


❎ PASSIVE BACK TRAINING – The wobble cushion strengthens your back muscles through the training effect and sustainably improves your posture. With Stronger back muscles, you can effectively get rid of back and neck pain and prevent it in the future.
❎ COMFORT & HYGIENE – A wobble seat cover is included so that you can sit comfortably and softly on the cushion. The cover is easily removed and washed at 30 Β°C.
❎ FLEXIBLE SEATING – Boosts your mobility so that your intervertebral discs and muscles are optimally in motion. Your concentration and performance will automatically increase while using wobble cushions regularly.
❎ VERSATILE – The balance disc is ideal for training your sense of balance and your coordination skills. Great for sports, yoga, fitness, home training and more.
❎ OPTIMAL POSTURE – The fidget cushion ensures a relaxed and upright sitting posture. The pelvis is in motion and the back is kept in its natural posture.

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